Ice Age Floods Explorer is a web and mobile platform for telling stories of the Missoula Floods and is an ongoing endevour focusing on student research.

Ice Age Floods Explorer is a project of the Public History program and Department of Geology at Eastern Washington University. Most of the stories were created by EWU students.

Co-editors are Drs. Chad Pritchard, Larry Cebula, and Paul Lindholdt from Eastern Washington University. Dr. Chad Pritchard is an Associate Professor in the Geology Department. Dr. Larry Cebula is Editor of Spokane Historical. He is a Professor of History at Eastern Washington University and the Assistant Digital Archivist for the State of Washington. Dr. Paul Lindholdt is a Professor or English. Assistant Editors Anna Harbine and Allie Honican helped with much of the set-up. William Helwig of the Salem based Graphic Ingenuity, LLC created the logo. Grant Callant II, Mike Gilge and Taptej Sidhu have assisted with much of the website and app set-up.

Want to become involved with Ice Age Floods Explorer? We are seeking partners, stories, sponsors and ideas to add more stories to Ice Age Floods Explorer. Contact Dr. Chad Pritchard at cpritchard@ewu.edu to see how you can help!

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